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October 9, the province's trade union work in the city to observe the group to watch. Provincial Federation of Trade Unions executive vice chairman Gao Feng Ping, Vice Chairman Guo Xinmin, Liangruo Jie, Li Jianglong discipline inspection team leader, deputy inspector, finance committee, director He Yuzhen attended the demonstration activities. Deputy director of Municipal People's Congress, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Zhangbao Fu accompanied observe. 
Observe the group deep into the city in northern site to observe. In Hong Sang Township Farmers in northern migrant construction activity center, when the focus tightly around the union learned that the township the overall economic development of the township, in order to greatly improve the quality of the target migrant workers, migrant workers and training to work as a union township when task, observe the group members have given praise. Subsequently, field observation mission also observed the grace Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Province.