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August 29 to 30, the city CPPCC Chairman Zhu Jinping, Vice Chairman of the princely city party, Liu Wang Liang to Mao, Li Junping, led by Secretary-General Yanguangcong etc. CPPCC Standing Committee member of the city's key projects construction inspections. Zhu Jinping and his entourage arrived jiaocheng, visited the mountain Xi Enze Biotechnology Co., 2,000 tons and 1,000 tons of biological preservatives lactase project. Zhu Jinping listened carefully to the project progress report affirmed the construction of key projects of our company's achievements. He pointed out that the CPPCC members to focus on the construction of a high degree of care and support given, tightly around the various difficulties and problems exist in key projects, in-depth investigations and studies in various forms, through a variety of ways to solve the project encountered further the difficult issues for the city's fast economic development and make a positive contribution. (Pictured CPPCC Chairman Zhu Jinping during a visit lactase products)